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  • Indian Youth Team won 3 Medals ( 1 GOLD, 1 SILVER & 1 BRONZE) at Youth World Champ. - Rosario


Archery in India has progressed from its infancy to one striving for excellence at the pinnacle of world archery.  India is now recognized as being among the top, out of 150 member nations of World Archery Federation.


Indian Archers have won medals at major International events such as World Championships, World Cups, Asian Games, Asian Championships, Commonwealth Games etc. However a medal at the OLYMPICS has eluded Indian Archers. Rio OLYMPICS 2016 is our target to achieve this.


Archery Association of India is persisting with its systematic program to improve upon the high standard of performance on one hand and to identify and nurture fresh talent on the other.


To fund its various activities, the Association is seeking support of SPONSORS for:

-          National Championships

-          National Ranking Archery Tournaments

-          International Competitions

-          Foreign Coaches

-          Development Programs


Please contact us for further details.

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